I’ve been actually efficiently capable to produce a.docx document with https://github.com/djpate/docxgen yet as quickly as i try to feature TinyMCE text message, i no more may open up the document. (non authentic char).

Exists a way to convert the HTML content before giving it to docxgen to stay away from such mistake?

Yet another answer is making use of http://htmltodocx.codeplex.com/ which simply lately appeared.

Look here sebsauvage.net/wiki/doku.php?id=word_document_generation. We have actually found yourself using the mhtml version (at the extremely base) and also it functions perfectly. The trouble through this existing approach is the hidden dining table that in our situation was making an extra page when final page was actually majority method down.

And also there goes my concern: perform you understand any kind of work-around for that issue? Just how can I conceal the occurence of the header in major document yet leave it in its own spot at the top of the page? Thanks beforehand for any piece of advise.

I am actually creating “Word document” along with a header on the initial page as HTML code.
It presents the “header” text both in header as well as in the document’s main body. The resources (http://techsynapse.blogspot.com/2007/03/generating-word-document-dynamically.html and http://www.pbdr.com/ostips/wordfoot.htm) I have discovered claim that there is actually no way of avoiding this effect without using an additional header data which is not an option for me.

You can easily attain it without using ActiveX. Examine this.

I don’t handle to possess text overlap the header. One more choice would certainly be actually to make use of watermark as opposed to header, however that will suggest turning the header html in to an image which is actually hard either:/ Thus if you possessed a secret to create the physical body text message beginning on top of the page, even if there’s a header, that will be actually wonderful:-RRB-.

I figured out a means to write to word making use of an ActiveX element however I am actually not sure if its achievable to create HTML to Word, I don’t intend to spare HTML straight to word in C# and VB.NET (It would not be understandable along with all html tags), instead wish to create the information along with HTML designing in word.

I’ve made a decision to select the professional model of the library http://www.phpdocx.com/ as it streamlines the whole method. I hope it’ll pack my demands

I possessed successfully created HTML to Expectation together with format making use of HTMLBody home, Is there a home in word object similar to Overview things that can consume HTML?

Unable to generate the image in header from hosting server however on localhost its own functioning penalty. Pathway being actually generated for image is actually alright on server likewise. Can you satisfy tell me what I am actually skipping that on localhost image is being actually included in to word report but on server its own not. Note On local area maker I have actually ms-office set up however on web server certainly not.

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